Planning an Escape Route

We all think we know our homes like the back of our hands and that, in case of an emergency, determining the best path to safety will be second nature. Nevertheless, the team at Summit Fire & security recommends contacting your local Fire Department for ideas on the best ways to make your home safer and for being prepared for any emergency.

What else can you do to stay safe in an emergency?

  • Don’t panic
  • Stay calm
  • Stick to your escape plan
  • Get out as quickly as possible
  • Feel the door before opening. If it’s cool, then open it slowly. If it’s hot, don’t open it and find an alternate route
  • Keep doors and windows closed unless you need to escape through them
  • Remember to cover your nose and mouth with a cloth damp if possible
  • Meet at your designated area for a head count
  • Never go back into a burning building for any reason.