Access Control

Access control may vary from a simple one door system to 1000 doors in a multi-site installation, all controlled from a single location. Access control systems allow you to review history and view live events and activities as they happen.

We can provide and design these systems for just about anything you can imagine i.e. elevator controllers, man traps for high level security like prisons, dual custody, requiring two valid users to gain access typically banks, jewelry stores, anti pass-back, create time zones to lock and unlock doors, and monitor users. Access control systems are also easily integrated into a intrusion system to provide you with optimum security.

Another type of access control might be a phone entry system. Typically used in condos and apartment buildings, a visitor may look up a tenant in the apartment directory and, upon entering the tenant’s code, the access control system  would call the home owner/tenant and remotely unlock the door for the visitor. This system is applicable for both residential and commercial customers.

What are the advantages of Access Control? It allows for the control of multiple doors with cards/keyfobs automatically lock/unlock  with specific hours, it provides easy activation and deactivation of users, it allows customers greater control over their residential and work environments.

Is the system easy to use? Yes, for the end user. We take care of the hard part of programming the system. Then it’s as simple as sitting down with you to show you what you need to know.

How long does it take to install? Duration of the installation process is dependant on the scope and intricacy of a project.