Video Surveillance


Designing a video surveillance system is a similar process for both residential and commercial properties. As with all our projects, this process always begins with an onsite evaluation with the customer. This allows us the opportunity to improve our understanding of your needs and to provide firsthand guidance and ideas.

While the initial processes involved in planning a video surveillance system may be similar, ultimately, both have different end goals. We offer first class service and support for both.

For commercial properties we offer site-specific design whether it’s for a municipality watching intersections, airports, or viewing customers coming in your store or watching parking lots.

For residential properties, our focus is to use our video surveillance systems to monitor your entryways, driveway, maybe your barn or shed it really is endless as to what can watch.


Installation of video surveillance systems is dependent on the scope and intricacy of the project.


The cameras we use in our surveillance systems require very little maintenance. You may expect that on occasion the lenses should be cleaned and that slight adjustments may need to be made to the focus and angle of the device. In these instances, our customers are capable of fulfilling these requirements without assistance, but our team is always available to provide guidance or assistance.