Based in Colchester, Vermont, we provide services and leading technology in security, fire, and life safety solutions throughout the state of Vermont. We are committed to reliability and staying ahead of of technology to meet customer demands. Not only are we available to our customers 24 hours a day, we believe in educating the customer helping them fully understand our services and the technology we offer before making decisions.

Our high quality service is unmatched! We respond quickly to meet your needs and keep our state of the art equipment in stock to meet our customers needs immediately.


Do you have 24hr service? Yes, our normal hours of business are 7:30am-5:00pm with on call emergency service after hours. If you are calling with an emergency call our office number and dial option 2 when prompted by the auto attendant.

Do you offer a free quote or site visit? Yes, we offer free quotes, and site visits as necessary to provide a more accurate quote.

What is done during a State Fire alarm test and Inspection? Commercial fire alarm systems are required by the state to be tested annually. This is a very thorough process that requires our team to check all devices connected to the fire alarm control panel*. We disconnect devices check for line supervision. We also take smoke detectors down to thoroughly clean them, something that most companies do not do, as we find that it drastically reduces the number of false alarms. For our customers with multi tenant apartments we check and clean all AC smoke, and combination Smoke CO detectors and note the age of the detectors as they do have end of life requirements, this becomes helpful for the landlord or property management company to budget especially if there are large number of units.

* We do not test the sprinkler system we test the switch it is connected to. The sprinkler system is the responsibility of the property owner and the sprinkler company. Many customers find it helpful to have both fire alarm control panel and sprinklers tested at the same time.

How long does this take? This depends entirely on how big or small the facility is and the number of devices.

What criteria must we meet to pass the inspection? Requirements for satisfactory completion of the inspection differ from town to town. For the majority of the state, property owners can find further information at the state department of public safety. For a list of towns that have their own inspectors and town-specific regulations and  limitations, please  visit http://www.firesafety.vermont.gov/code/inspection_agreements

Warranty Information

Fire and Access Control: 1 year warranty

Security: 2 year warranty

Cameras: 1 year warranty