Monitoring Service

We program your system with an account number and two toll free numbers that call our receivers at Home Security in Stowe, VT. Home Security is a UL listed monitoring company with 24 hr staff.

Additional service is done through which gives our customers access to a free smartphone app which allows you to access your security system to arm/disarm your system, turn lights on/off, change thermostats, lock/unlock door using Z-wave wireless devices.


Commercial-fire alarm monitoring, by code,  is required to call a UL monitoring company daily. If the client is in a town/city that has a Gamewell or Master Radio Call Box system, this may be required instead.

Residential Fire Alarm Monitoring

Residential-security and fire alarm systems are monitored weekly. However, depending on the needs of the client, we can monitor as frequently as they like. Residential monitoring can be as basic as needed in order to notify us when you are in trouble or when an alarm occurs.

It is also possible to implement an interactive system that allows home automation and energy management. This includes remotely arming/disarming, lock/unlock doors, checking the status of the system, turning lights on/off and small appliances and even adjusting thermostats.

Our customers can conserve energy by schedule when lights and thermostats turn on/off. We provide emails and/or mobile notifications when certain activities happen, whether it’s knowing that the kids are home safe after school or making sure your employees remembered to lock the store.